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Ducks Make Titanic Hire

University of Oregon hires top college baseball in the country

The University of Oregon has come to terms in principal with Cal State Fullerton head coach, George Horton. The official announcement will be made during Saturday’s football game against Houston at Autzen Stadium.


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Jones Joins the U of O

One Click Sports News has learned that former Marist High School standout Meredith Jones will join the University of Oregon as an Assistant Coach for the Women’s Golf team.  The former three-time 3A State Champion began her college golf career at Arizona State University before transferring to Baylor University after her Freshman season.  While at Baylor University, Jones lead the Women’s Golf team to multiple NCAA Regional appearances and the 2004 NCAA Championship tournament.

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Horton Hears From Who?

Cal State Fullerton’s Head Baseball Coach George Horton is now firmly in the sights of the University of Oregon. However, he does not seem to be on the radar for most of the media. Other than the story that appeared in The Register-Guard on Thursday, the only other news story to come through our research facilities here at One Click Sports News was a story that just appeared on the Orange County Register’s website late Thursday evening. And in the blogosphere, OCSN has only been able confirm one siting of a Horton-related entry (which was just a reference to the RG article).

Compare the deafening silence from the media surrounding George Horton to the Dave Serrano and Tim Corbin chatter. In the middle of the Dave Serrano talk, OCSN noted 10 articles over a five day period. Over a two day period, there were over five articles that made reference to the Tim Corbin pursuit.

Now compare the accomplishments of Horton, Serrano, and Corbin (Horton has won a National Championship).

So, what does it mean? Considering the rejections the U of O has received so far, is the current situation a bit like the boy who cried wolf? Or is the U of O more in control of the information than they were in the Serrano and Corbin situations?

“He looked and he looked. He could see nothing there. But a small speck of dust blowing past through the air.”

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Oregon State vs Utah | Stat Graphs

vs utah1

vs utah2

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‘The Duck’ Has Flown the Coup d’état

A coup will be televised tonight. A bloodless coup, for the most part. But, nevertheless, a coup. And if you don’t notice it tonight, you will surely take note of it Sunday when history repeats itself.

For the better part of three decades, three on-air personalities have dominated broadcast coverage of University of Oregon athletics: Jerry Allen, Todd McKim, and Joe Giansante. Jerry Allen is the Über-Duck, “The Voice of the Ducks.” Todd McKim was “The Face of the Ducks,” before moving on to cover Oregon State and Cal. Since 2000, Joe Giansante has been “The Face of the Ducks” for the Oregon Sports Network. Until tonight. Sort of.

At 7:00pm tonight, KEZI-9 will broadcast the Oregon Ducks Football Preview…without Joe Giansante. But tonight is not an aberration. Even though he will be calling the games on television this season, don’t expect to see him on Oregon Football with Mike Bellotti on Sundays either (because of his new responsibilities as the U of O’s Director of Community Relations and Special Programs). And something doesn’t feel right about that.

Over the last two decades, the U of O has raised its local, regional, and national profile considerably. And as that profile has been raised, so has the profile of everything related to the U of O, especially where communication is concerned. Considering the amount of attention the U of O pays to its image, it’s surprising that “The Face of the Ducks” has now been fragmented and relegated to the next in line (Sam Adams, KEZI-9’s Sports Director), as opposed to a deliberate choice.

No one can replace Joe or his resumé. But this summer has already seen Bob Barker give way to Drew Carey on “The Price Is Right.” And now Joe is giving way to Sam Adams. And it still doesn’t seem right. How did Happy Gilmore put it?

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1st Quarter: Hate & Love, with John Canzano

Despite a few injuries midway through the 1st Quarter, HATE scored a rare 1-point safety in a game that is shaping up to be an instant classic between HATE & LOVE, with John Canzano.

“He could have copied his chief rival’s playbook. Or changed his team’s primary color to ‘Lightning Orange.’ ” – Friday, August 24, 2007HATE

“Or, good grief, Mike Riley could have insisted the Oregon State marching band wear helmets this season.” – Friday, August 24, 2007HATE

“He could have emulated just about anything Oregon has done, even if it meant national ridicule, but none of it would have cost his program as much as what Riley’s planning to do.” – Friday, August 24, 2007 HATE

“He’s forgetting the warning Ducks coach Mike Bellotti tried to give him while he bungled the Brady Leaf-Dennis Dixon platoon.” – Friday, August 24, 2007HATE

“And something about that feels absurd.” – Friday, August 24, 2007 HATE (As if Mike Bellotti could offer Mike Riley any advice.)

“The Triple A franchise’s new owner, Merritt Paulson, will tell you that the team mascot — a fuzzy, friendly beaver named Boomer — often is accosted by Oregon fans who throw things at him and hurl insults, believing he’s the OSU mascot.” – Sunday, August 26, 2007HATE

“Canfield’s ready. You’re ready. I’m ready. I’m thinking Utah offensive coordinator Andy Ludwig , who was lucky enough not to be around to be blamed for the Las Vegas Bowl debacle, would secretly rather be playing against Oregon in the opener, though.”” – Tuesday, August 28, 2007HATE

HATE – 7

LOVE – 0

1st Quarter Plays

Can the platoon and pick Canfield

That Beavers’ name game is all Wet (Sox)

Just don’t get beat deep, ok?
Injury Report:

Radio Raheem – LB – Out for the season with a throat injury.

“Reverend” Harry Powell – TE – Out for the season with a neck injury.

If any HATE and LOVE points have been missed, please let us know.

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Season Predictions: UO

Let’s see what you really think.. Enough of the speculation (Will Dixon have a breakout year? Will Stewart live up to his potential?) Tell us what the Ducks will finish this year. List a regular season record, along with the teams they’ll lose to.


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