Hate & Love, with John Canzano

There’s a thin line between love and hate. In John Canzano’s case, there’s a thin line between hate, and more hate for the University of Oregon (Attention Oregon State fans: We have not forgot about you. The Beavers are up next after this game is over in a month.). Over the course of the next four weeks (or four quarters), One Click Sports Blog is going to keep score between HATE and LOVE to see who emerges the victor.

Here are the rules. HATE or LOVE points will be awarded based on the HATE or LOVE in Mr. Canzano’s columns and blog entries over the next four weeks. Multiple HATE or LOVE points can be awarded in individual sentences.

HATE and LOVE is not to be confused with legitimate criticism. For example, “Yes, even after watching Oregon mismanage its quarterback position…” is legitimate criticism. Even Mr. Canzano is entitled to the very “Bald-Faced Truth”, as he sees it.

Whistle! Kickoff!

“He could have copied his chief rival’s playbook. Or changed his team’s primary color to ‘Lightning Orange.’ ” – Friday, August 24, 2007HATE

“Or, good grief, Mike Riley could have insisted the Oregon State marching band wear helmets this season.” – Friday, August 24, 2007HATE

“He could have emulated just about anything Oregon has done, even if it meant national ridicule, but none of it would have cost his program as much as what Riley’s planning to do.” – Friday, August 24, 2007 HATE

“He’s forgetting the warning Ducks coach Mike Bellotti tried to give him while he bungled the Brady Leaf-Dennis Dixon platoon.” – Friday, August 24, 2007HATE

“And something about that feels absurd.” – Friday, August 24, 2007 HATE (As if Mike Bellotti could offer Mike Riley any advice.)

“The Triple A franchise’s new owner, Merritt Paulson, will tell you that the team mascot — a fuzzy, friendly beaver named Boomer — often is accosted by Oregon fans who throw things at him and hurl insults, believing he’s the OSU mascot.” – Sunday, August 26, 2007HATE

John, where’s the love, man? Early in the first quarter, HATE has kicked two field goals to take the lead.

HATE – 6

LOVE – 0

1st Quarter Plays

Can the platoon and pick Canfield

That Beavers’ name game is all Wet (Sox)

If any HATE and LOVE points have been missed, please let us know because this is a game for the whole family!


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One response to “Hate & Love, with John Canzano

  1. this is awesome… just like the rest of your website.
    keep up the good work fellas! Freeking beaver fans, who needs them.

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