Season Predictions: UO

Let’s see what you really think.. Enough of the speculation (Will Dixon have a breakout year? Will Stewart live up to his potential?) Tell us what the Ducks will finish this year. List a regular season record, along with the teams they’ll lose to.



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11 responses to “Season Predictions: UO

  1. Dixon will tear it up and slide into the first four rounds of the draft. Snoop will rush for over 1,500 yards and cement a spot in the first round. Having all of the tough games at home (except UCLA) will prove to be the x-factor that everyone overlooked. The Ducks only losses will be to Michigan and USC, making them 10-2 and just strong enough to squeak into the BCS.

  2. Dan

    Worst case scenario, Ducks go 8-4, with losses to Michigan, USC, Cal, and UCLA. Best case, 10-2, with losses to Michigan and USC. Fear the worst and hope for the best.

  3. rw

    losses to Michigan, USC, Cal, UCLA

  4. JJ

    Oregon wins the Pac-10.

    During the next to the last regular season game, UCLA illegally attacks Oregon’s knee. Game officials forfeit the game for UCLA, awarding the victory to Oregon for their 11th win.

    Over the course of the next week, trainers use special pain suppression methods to allow Oregon to finish the season and play Oregon State.

    With the game tied and no time remaining on the clock, Oregon setups to kick a field goal for the victory. In an effort to ice the placekicker, Mike Riley uses his last timeout and instructs the defense to “sweep the leg.”

    As play resumes, Daniel (Padilla) gets in an unusual position, called the “Crane Kick,” to kick the field goal. The ball is snapped. The ball is placed. Daniel kicks it through the uprights. Oregon wins 27-24 to 12-0.

    “You’re all right, Padilla.”

    But it’s a story you’ve all heard before.

  5. Chris

    10-2, losses to Michigan and USC, no BCS.

  6. Ducks go 9-3, losing to Michigan, USC and UCLA. Sun Bowl

  7. Morgan

    Ducks win Pac-10 with tie-breaker against USC. Oregon better prepared against Michigan and holds serve at Autzen with breathtaking offense, positive turnover ratio and good health. Oregon loses to Arizona just to keep us humble. Oregon replays Michigan for the national championship. Ha!

  8. Josh

    Game 1 Oregon’s athleticism and refound confidence from Dennis Dixon lead to route. The D-line of Oregon has a few breakdowns that lead to points for Houston. Both Oregon RBs break 100 yds.
    9/1 Houston 17 Oregon 39

    Game 2 Its a barn burner. No one expects Oregon’s offense to dominate Michigan’s experienced defense so thoroughly, but Dixon has grown up, and the balanced yet aggressive attack from Oregon’s new OC has the Wolverines on their heels. Oregon’s weakness in it’s front 7 is exploited by Hart and Henne, but theor play just can’t quite pull it off.
    9/8 Oregon 47 Michigan 42

    Game 3 The Ducks have been lucky on the injury front so far, but this game changes that. Dixon gets nicked up and Leaf comes in and does a fine job. The running game of Oregon takes over and the game is over by half-time.
    9/15 Fresno St. 22 Oregon 38

    Game 4 Stanford is weak, thats all I’m saying
    9/22 Oregon 55 Stanford 12

    Game 5 The first truly loud game at Autzen this year. A great game that is picked up for national television. Oregon squeaks away with a hard fought win. Both team’s offenses look great.
    9/29 California 30 Oregon 33

    Games 6 After a bye week the Ducks historically come away with a win. Seems the Ducks need to shake a little rust off for the win.
    10/13 Washington St. 17 Oregon 27

    Game 7 The Huskies are improving after their unbelievable win at Ohio State. But Oregon is too much for them.
    10/20 Oregon 46 Washington 10

    Game 8 The hype has been growing loud ever since Oregon defeated Michigan and Cal. Gameday actually comes back to Oregon. USC takes and early lead but the Ducks fight back to a 4 point lead with minutes left. Booty has a classic last minute drive to pull the win away from Autzen.
    10/27 USC 35 Oregon 30
    Game 9 ASU has surprised many this year with Dennis Erickson as HC, but even after Oregon’s first loss last week they just have too much momentum for the Sun Devils
    11/3 ASU 24 Oregon 37
    Game 10 A Thursday night game which is basically another bye week for the Ducks. Both of Oregon’s top RBs play well against a very good Arizona defense. Stoops is definitely making headway for his program.
    11/15 Oregon 29 Arizona 17

    Game 11 The Ducks always seem to have problems at the Rose Bowl. injuries to key players slow them down and UCLA’s depth and experience is just a little too much.
    11/24 Oregon 35 UCLA 40

    Game 12 All the pre-season hype about the Beavers is long gone, they are struggling to have a .500 season and get into a bowl. A loss at Oregon would keep them out. Sorry beavs the Ducks are looking at BCS for 3 schools in the Pac-10
    12/1 Oregon St. 13 Oregon 45

    Both RBs for Ducks combine for 2500 yards on the ground. No one has really stopped the O-line from pushing them around all season. Dixon makes a good name for himself and has a 3:1 ratio of TDs:Ints. The defensive backfield has stepped up to new levels, Patrick Chung has over 150 tackles. The Sophomore CBs both have many pass break ups and over 3 picks each. D-line struggles all year to stay healthy and the lack of depth is trying, but they find a way to get things done. The WR corps for the Ducks is outstanding with a coaches son becoming a surprise 3rd down receiver.

    Ducks 10-2
    Hey it could happen!

  9. david reeve

    Game-1- Houston
    houston quarterback who ever they start will not be able to handle the noise and engery autzen provides and struggles in the first half. stewart and johnson are both over 100 yards, dixon throws 3 touchdown passes no ints. defense shows much improvment on rushing defense. we win 41-24 with houston scoring most of it’s points late in the game.

    every one gives us no chance to win but Js rushes for over 200 yards. Dixon shows he has improved greatly throws for 330 yards and rushes for 75.
    we win 44-41

    game-3-fresno state
    after are win over michagan no gives fresno any respect and they play hard but are over matched and we win 44-17

  10. david reeve

    we finsh 11-1 lose shoot out with usc

  11. JJ

    Jonathan Stewart runs over every defense in the ncaa. In 2018 he is elected Governor of Oregon.

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