Horton Hears From Who?

Cal State Fullerton’s Head Baseball Coach George Horton is now firmly in the sights of the University of Oregon. However, he does not seem to be on the radar for most of the media. Other than the story that appeared in The Register-Guard on Thursday, the only other news story to come through our research facilities here at One Click Sports News was a story that just appeared on the Orange County Register’s website late Thursday evening. And in the blogosphere, OCSN has only been able confirm one siting of a Horton-related entry (which was just a reference to the RG article).

Compare the deafening silence from the media surrounding George Horton to the Dave Serrano and Tim Corbin chatter. In the middle of the Dave Serrano talk, OCSN noted 10 articles over a five day period. Over a two day period, there were over five articles that made reference to the Tim Corbin pursuit.

Now compare the accomplishments of Horton, Serrano, and Corbin (Horton has won a National Championship).

So, what does it mean? Considering the rejections the U of O has received so far, is the current situation a bit like the boy who cried wolf? Or is the U of O more in control of the information than they were in the Serrano and Corbin situations?

“He looked and he looked. He could see nothing there. But a small speck of dust blowing past through the air.”


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