What’s the Story?

Oregon dominates Michigan on the road and all anyone can talk about it how bad Michigan is. What about how GOOD Oregon looked. They had a hand in making Michigan look like a JV squad, but most of the press focuses on what Michigan did wrong, not what the Ducks did right.

Rob Parker from the Detroit News likened the Ducks to the Harlem Globetrotters with their “trick plays.”

Oregon’s 39-7 victory over Michigan before 109,733 at Michigan Stadium on Saturday afternoon was comical. In scoring an eye-popping 32 first-half points, Oregon cashed in on trick plays with ease. The Ducks looked like the Harlem Globetrotters of football.

The only thing missing was someone throwing a water pail of confetti into the crowd.
Sadly, there were plenty of times when the Michigan defense honestly didn’t know where the ball was.

Canzano nailed it by saying the question all week will be: Is Michigan that bad? or Oregon that good?

Meanwhile, Appalachian State won’t let Oregon take the luster off of its victory.


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