For The Oregonian, Class Is Not In Session

When it comes to class, The Oregonian is a two-time loser. Throughout the football season, is conducting a poll to determine the Ultimate Civil War Team. Between now and the end of September, you have an opportunity to choose your team’s Quarterback and Cornerback. Unfortunately, in the case of the Ducks, they have deprived you of choosing from the best. And they don’t want you to.

When you go to choose your U of O Quarterback (and I do encourage you to vote, but I’ll get to that later), your choices are: Bob Berry, Dan Fouts, Akili Smith, Joey Harrington, & Bill Musgrave. Where’s Danny O’Neil’s name? If I were a little bit older, I might wonder why Norm Van Brocklin (or Shy Huntington or George Shaw) is not included on the list. For right now, though, I’m sticking with Danny.

To assist you in your decision making process, has included some statistics for each Quarterback. So, let me throw some of Danny’s statistics at you. As a disclaimer, I am not a stat guy. I haven’t even done that much research here. All I had to do was grab this year’s University of Oregon Media Guide.

Danny O’Neil – 8,301 Total Yards, .562 Completion Percentage, 62 TD’s, 1 Rose Bowl

Individual Single-Game Records – #3 Most Yards Passing, #8 Most Yards Total Offense, #5 Longest Pass Play

Individual Single-Season Records – #2 Passing, #3 Total Offense

Individual Career Records – #2 Passing, #2 Total Offense

Individual Records – Scoring – Most Total Point Accounted For (Modern), Total Offense Most Plays – Game & Career, Total Offense – Most Touchdowns (Modern), Passing – Attempts – Game & Career, Passing – Completions – Game & Career, Passing – Most Touchdown Passes – Game & Career, Most Passes Intercepted – Game

And the 1995 Rose Bowl Co-MVP.

Danny doesn’t make the cut for the Top-5 All-Time U of O Quarterbacks? Are you serious? I guess The Oregonian and skipped that day in class when they were teaching U of O Football History.

Even though The Oregonian & are not giving me the best choices, the best thing that I can do as a Duck fan is show a little class and vote in this little poll of theirs. Why? Because the Beaver fans at don’t want me to. Because if they did, they would probably not refer to Duck voters as “coming from that cesspool down south known commonly as Eugene.” Just as a point of fact, how many of you out there have actually smelled Corvallis? No, really. I made my first trip to Reser Stadium this year to watch the Beavers practice. And I can honestly say, I have never smelled anything like that in Eugene. Bellingham, maybe. But not Eugene.

Keep on keeping it classy, Oregonian.


U of O Quarterback Prediction: Bill Musgrave. Joey is a too much of a polarizing figure. Akili did not help himself with his NFL non-career. Most voters know Dan Fouts more as a broadcast announcer than as a Quarterback. Unfortunately, they don’t know Bob Berry at all.

U of O Cornerback Prediction: Kenny Wheaton is going to score again. And again. And again.




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5 responses to “For The Oregonian, Class Is Not In Session

  1. Treston

    I understand your arguement. Danny should definately be on the list. My vote would still go with Musgrave. You have to factor in what they had to work with whe they were here, too.

  2. Treston, you’re right. You do have to consider what they had to work with on the field. But they are pretty close there, too. Overall, I don’t think there is a lot separating them.

    Where do you think pure football talent comes in? Would anyone argue that Musgrave & O’Neil threw a better ball than a Fouts or Van Brocklin?

  3. Absolutduck

    Right you are…

    Not like anyone really cares but did you also notice they posted the Beavers as last years winners of the Cival War Series? Regardless of the Ducks loosing in football the Oregon won last year (2006-2007) 9 to 8. Not the other way around.

  4. Absolutduck

    Wow, my spelling is horrible… “Civil”

  5. What position did George Shaw play, other than Quarterback? If it was cornerback (my guess is that it was Safety – I could not find it in the Media Guide), Shaw should have been included on the Cornerback list, as well. He’s only the All-Time leader in interceptions. AND he played Quarterback!

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