As The Sports World Turns…Around Oregon

I have contended for a long time now that Oregon receives a disproportionate amount of national media attention as compared to states of comparable size (#26 South Carolina, #27 Oklahoma, #28 Oregon, #29 Connecticut, #30 Iowa). As far as sports are concerned, my myopic eyes did not have to stray much farther than this afternoon’s edition of ESPN’s SportsCenter for proof.

While working, I occasionally like to have the television on in the background as a passive research device. No sooner had I turned on ESPN’s PTI than Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon were teasing analysis of the fistacuffs between the Duck and Shasta the Cougar and the impending suspension of the Duck (No sooner was I writing this than someone had already posted the clip on YouTube). On any other day, it’s probably a little unwanted attention for the University of Oregon.

But this is not any other day.

So far today (and for the week), the top sports stories have been Greg Oden’s season ending surgery (Portland Trailblazers), Derek Anderson starting at QB for the Cleveland Browns (Oregon State University), and Kellen Clemens starting at QB for the New York Jets (University of Oregon). Toss in the Duck’s one-game suspension and the continuing aftermath of the Michigan game, and that’s Oregon overload.

It’s very possible that I have tunnel vision. But for today, there are 104 channels and nothing is on…except Oregon.


UPDATE: As Joe illustrates so eloquently in his comments below, my point might be misunderstood. The fact that Oregon gets this much national attention is not a bad thing. Actually, it’s kind of cool. And it signals that something special is going on in Oregon sports. So, enjoy it. While Oregon gets a lot of attention on a regular basis, this is a particularly attentive time.




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2 responses to “As The Sports World Turns…Around Oregon

  1. Joe

    Well, it could be worse. Maybe if ESPN just force fed you Boston, New York, California and Illinois teams. Oh, wait, they do that enough already. Quit your bitching and give us our moment in the sun. It rains so f******* much here, maybe you could remove your glasses, pull your head out of your a**, and pay attention. There is much more than meets the eye in Oregon for sports.

  2. Joe –

    Thanks for the thoughtful comments.

    As to your point, you did not get my point. Actually, I think it’s pretty cool that Oregon gets this much attention. I just wonder sometimes if people really understand exactly how much attention we get compared to comparable areas. I think it’s pretty amazing and a testament to the amazing things that are going on in this state.

    On a personal note, while we appreciate your contribution, we do not appreciate your language. So, if there is not enough sunshine here, just keep on moving next time and find that sunny spot someplace else.


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