The Book of Matthew & Mathews

Bad Choices. Would make a great band name. It’s also what my two-and-half-year-old nephew chooses every once in a while, as compared to good choices. When he does make a bad choice, though, he’s pretty good about apologizing (after a little encouragement from my sister-in-law). Looks like Michigan’s Greg Mathews could learn something from my nephew.

After Michigan’s shutout of Notre Dame on Saturday, Greg Mathews issued an apology for his actions in last Saturday’s game against Oregon. According to, Mathews issued a public apology to Oregon’s Matthew Harper after being noticeably absent from the starting lineup:

“When approached by reporters outside the Michigan locker room, Mathews issued a public apology to Harper for what he did.

‘I would like to let everybody out there know, anybody who knows me, that’s not how I am,’ Mathews said.

‘That was just a bad decision on my part. I would like to apologize to all the fans and the University of Michigan. I embarrassed the university. I would like to take time and apologize for my actions.”

While reported that Mathews apologized to Harper, all I see is an apology to the University of Michigan and their fans, a week after the incident. Where might have been wrong about one thing, Mathews was right about something else: he made a bad choice. But he made good choice to apology. However, a better choice would have been to apologize to Matthew Harper.

And he would have if my sister-in-law was his coach.


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