UPDATE: Lightning Causes YELLOW-Out at Autzen Stadium

UPDATE: Since this was posted, a general consensus (if not an overwhelming YELL) emerged that YELLOW is the color for the Cal game. And One Click Sports News, One Click Sports Blog, and Duck Sports News are behind the idea that YELLOW should be Oregon’s color at each and every game. Even though the Ducks on the field have multiple uniform color combinations, they all end up wearing the same uniform. Ducks fans should follow suit and unite in wearing the same color on game days.

Does what we wear as fans really matter? Absolutely. And it doesn’t have anything to with what we wear. It matters because we can choose to suppress those individualistic tendencies that run so strong in us in favor of presenting a united front to players, to each other, and to the national television audience. It’s not about the color. The color or clothing item could be anything. It’s about the choice. What would you think of a team that was made up of players that all wore different uniforms? I would probably think that are not all on the same page and, at their core, are not a team united. And what do you think when you see a stadium full of fans all wearing the same color? Hey, that looks pretty fun.

If you choose to wear yellow to games, you will not be considered any less of an individual. I know I have more important decisions in life to make other than what color I’m going to wear to games.

There are probably very few sports teams I will ever be part of over the course of the rest of my life. But now I know there is at least one I want to be on.


Over the last 24 hours, there has been a far amount of confusion as to what color people should wear to the Cal game. Yellow or green?

Yesterday, we received the following:

Grass roots effort to “Yell O” out Autzen for the Cal game. I sent an email to Pat Kilkenny and Dave Frohnmayer asking for the athletic department and University support to get the media involved so that people are aware of a “Yell O” out game. It’s a pretty simple concept. Get the word out there today. Yellow for the Cal game so we can represent on Gameday. Email everyone you know.

Yellow stands out much more than green in the stadium and on television! Besides, Cal fans might participate without knowing better.

I am focussed on Stanford, but is never to early to get the wheels in motion.

SPREAD THE WORD!! Email, call, text…what ever it take. Let’s represent!

Last night on OregonLive.com, John Hunt posted this:

Still no word from ESPN on the GameDay possibility for Sept. 29 vs. Cal. If you want to find out as soon as they make up their mind, go here and sign up to be informed.

Also, some fashion-conscious fans have requested that we pass along the dress code for upcoming games at Autzen Stadium, so here goes:

All fans to wear GREEN against Cal and

All fans to wear YELLOW against USC.

Today, Rob Moseley of the The Register-Guard got in on the discussion, looking for a consensus.

Which color should it be? Yellow or green? One Click Sports News, One Click Sports Blog, and Duck Sports News are united in suggesting that people wear…YELLOW. Take a look at what Autzen might look like if everyone wore yellow.

Yellow-Out at Autzen Stadium

Now, take a look at the White-Out during this year’s Penn State-Notre Dame game.

So, get out the word. The word is YELLOW. Not green. Not white. YELLOW. It shows up much better than any shade of green. And no one else in the country is wearing YELLOW.*

Cause a power outage for Cal at Autzen Stadium next weekend. Wear YELLOW.


* If you don’t have a YELLOW shirt, go to the One Click Sports Gear store and pick up one of our fine YELLOW t-shirts.

UPDATE: The bloggers have spoken. Rob Moseley has spoken. And now, the University of Oregon Athletic Department has spoken. It’s YELLOW for the Cal game. Now that’s settled, what do fans wear for the Washington State game?

Just for reference, this is what Autzen Stadium looks like with the green & yellow sprinkled throughout the crowd.


Original Autzen Stadium




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8 responses to “UPDATE: Lightning Causes YELLOW-Out at Autzen Stadium

  1. kramer

    Heck Yeah! Yellow it is! Let’s rock the socks off the “golden” Bears and impress the nation and the game day guys! Maybe the team will follow suit and wear yellow too!?

  2. fishman5

    The confusion is over all sites and blogs agree YELLOW is the color to wear to the Cal game, so please pass it on.

  3. fishman5

    The athletic department is backing us and passing on the word to wear all YELLOW to the Cal game.

    pass it on thanx

  4. DUCKY

    Cal game = YELLOW! YELLOW! YELLOW!!!!!!!!

  5. Duck V

    Yellow it is!!! Go Ducks !!!

  6. Big Duck

    Sea of Yellow will look great on national television.

    Go Ducks!

  7. PacTenChamps07

    Yellow for not just this game but EVERY game. Geez. How much more do they need to spell it out for you? Every slogan they’ve printed over the past six yrs has been on a Lightning Yellow shirt. They’re only 8 bucks for gods sake! We don’t need Cal to motivate us for the sea of yellow do we? SEA OF YELLOW EVERYGAME!

  8. PacTenChamps07 –

    Couldn’t agree with you more. YELLOW should be the color every game.

    One Click Sports Blog

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