Duck Fans, Forget Your TPS Reports Today

“Office Space” was on cable again somewhere last night (When is it not on?). And when “Office Space” is on, I’m done until it’s over. I mean if it’s on television, I have to watch. There are only a handful of films like that for me, and “Office Space” is one of them.

But the version that aired last night must have been the “Special Teams” edition of “Office Space” because it had a distinctly athletic and topical feel to it, sporting some new digitally enhanced scenes. Take a look for yourself.


Is it any surprise that Lumberg is a Cal fan?


Peter traded in his TPS reports for Duck Sports News reports.

If you’ve got a Lumberg in your office checking up on your TPS reports and you’re visiting, make sure and click on the “Boss Button,” and we’ve got you covered.

There’s too much going on today and tomorrow for you to be concerned about your TPS reports. You need to concentrate on being a fan today. Oregon’s got a big game this weekend.

Or didn’t you get the memo?



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