After the Dust Settles

A Tough Loss. That’s about all I can say about that one. Almost the opposite of “The Pick” – one moment we think we’re back in the game, the very next we’re not.

I have to agree with the thoughts of Nick who says the Ducks still have the opportunity to do something special:

I looked through the schedules of those teams (ranked higher than the Ducks) and it’s brutal. Nine of those teams still have to play at least one opponent from that list. My point? If Oregon still wants to do something special, they can. The rankings are like a row of dominoes and they’re going to start falling. In three weeks, when USC comes to town, Oregon most likely will be ranked in the top 10.

Cal Got Away With One. And I think their fans know that. Not that they were lucky – they are a really good team who, on this day made less mistakes – but that Oregon is a solid team. Here are a few thoughts from Cal fans found on various blogs and forums:

I like Oregon, and find them to be one of the least objectionable conference foes we face. And the games against them are usually very good. I don’t think Oregon will collapse this year.

Props to Oregon: They were a solid team that never gave up even after the mistakes in the fourth quarter should have driven a stake through their heart. Not only did they not lay down, they put themselves in a position to force overtime and take the game.

This could be the toughest team Cal faces this year – including USC. We had one play go our way by mere inches and that was the break that won the game. We certainly didn’t forcibly take the game from Oregon. They had chances to beat us even with their mistakes. We have to count ourselves lucky to get out with a win.

The Ducks would also be better if they never huddled. Our defense had a lot of trouble with that.
The touchback saved us, because I don’t see how Cal would have won in overtime, given the quarterback situation and the momentum.

Dixon made a couple of critical errors late, but he is a lot better.

Oregon would be a lot better if they just eliminated all the backfield trickery. It almost always backfired. oregon was impressive and i honestly thought they should have won this one. our d looked sloppy towards the end and had it not been for that bit of luck that would have been a td and if they went for 2 they probably would have got it given how much we were choking for air. i don’t think oregon should drop much in rankings and i hope the voters agree. they played well and it was a coin toss of a game.


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