Autzen Not Among Elite Stadiums

Autzen is loud, and respected by many around the country. Just check out what those around the country say. Even Cal fans at Saturday’s game were impressed:

“Autzen was pretty loud. The fans seem very knowledgeable in comparison to other fans I have encountered (this was my second trip and have felt the same way both times.)”


However, until most of the fans are back in their seats at the beginning on the 3rd quarter, I don’t care how loud or “in your face” Autzen is, it will not live up to its potential.

This quote by this Cal blogger who was at the game says it all:

“But…when Cal took momentum at the start of the second half, at least a third and likely close to a half of the Oregon fans were in the parking lot drinking. They leave at the half, and don’t return to their seats in time for the start of the third quarter. This was downright shocking to me – Cal took control of the game and they cared more about getting a beer! In my mind, there is no way they can be considered the best fans in the Pac-10, or honestly even be in the discussion, until they stop doing this.”

We all know that the play of the game happened with less than :20 seconds remaining in the game, but I would suggest that the 2 three-and-outs the Ducks had coming out of halftime were just as big in determining the outcome of this game. Had Oregon gone down and put seven on the board (or even 14) giving them the 14-point lead (or 21-point lead), it would have put Cal in a very difficult position.

As the players emerged from the tunnel for the second half, I’m sure they couldn’t help but notice that nearly 50% of the fans were not in their seats, but rather in the parking lot. The “Autzen Energy” was not there, and I think it showed in the way Oregon came out and played those first 2 series of the second half.

So what do YOU think? Agree or disagree?

– rw

UPDATE: Autzen may be noisier, but Cal’s Memorial Stadium deemed “scarier”



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22 responses to “Autzen Not Among Elite Stadiums

  1. kramer

    I totally disagree! Fans can do whatever the heck they want! We paid the money to go to the game, if i want to drink beer in the parking lot at halftime – i will. If the ducks can’t score a TD without me in the stadium, then they suck!

  2. Treston

    I’ve been a season ticket, and have only missed one game since 1993. I’ve always agreed with this statement. If I were coaching a road game at Autzen, I would alway defer the kickoff, because that guarantees me AT LEAST one offensive drive without the Autzen noise (usually two) to start the second half. I love Autzen, and am a dye hard duck fan, but I’ve never been to another venue where half the fans leave.
    I alway hear people say that it’s their ticket, they bought it, they can do whatever they want. I’ve never hear anyone dispute that fact. But in the same regard, when alcohol is more important than being there to cheer on your team, buying the ticket does not automatically make you a good fan.
    Just because you can, does not mean you should…..I learned that in elementary school.

  3. Kramer – I’m guessing two things
    a) (at the earliest) You got on-board the band-wagon around 1998
    b) Your finger smells like poop

    (your duck-fan card should be revoked)

    Treston – You’re on the money

  4. kramer

    if you’re going to revoke my duck-fan card, you’re going to have to do the same for quite a few “duck fans.” i know i’m not the only one out in the parking lot when that “horn” sounds.

  5. Duck54

    I agree. It amazes me that people can spend good money for tickets, spend so much time and effort preparing for the game, drive for hours to get to Autzen, call themselves Duck Fans, and yet can’t make it back to their seat by the start of the second half. These are the same people who left the Oklahoma game before it was over, although I have heard very few people admit they left.

    Sure, you paid for your ticket, so it’s your right to watch as little of the game as you want, but what is the point? If you can’t give up a quick beer at halftime in order to make sure the team has our full support in the second half, maybe you should give your tickets to someone who has their priorities a little straighter.

    It’s just as embarassing when people start leaving for halftime when there is still plenty of time to play. I have seen people start to leave as early as 8 minutes into the second quarter. I just don’t understand how they can call themselves Duck Fans.

  6. Sara

    I have to agree. I’ve been a duck fan since I was born. I’ve been going to the games since I was 8. I’ve only left during halftime a handful of times but I’m always back before kickoff. It’s always sad to see half the stadium leave with 5 minutes left to play in the first half and not return until midway through the 3rd quarter.

  7. Anyone who says Autzen shouldn’t be on that list, obviously hasn’t been there….

  8. sunriver-duck

    I think the UO should not let those leaving at half back in. Just sell beer in the Mo center, then herd them all back into the stadium when the horn blows. it only takes a few minutes to down a beer.

  9. Fysho31

    Definitely agree that it’s frustrating seeing an noticeably emptier stadium at the start of the second half (let’s not throwing around “half” empty, because it’s never that many). Don’t agree that we’re not the best fans in the pac-10, because we’ve traveled to them all and there’s nothing like Duck football from what we’ve seen on the road. And there’s nothing even close to the noise Autzen puts out even when a fraction of our crowd leaves.

  10. Treston

    Just like a bandwagoner Kramer! Using the “well others do it, so I’m just like them” reason to make you feel better about yourself. You are probably one who started booing your own team against Huston. Yah, you are entitled to boo, but that doesn’t make you any less tacky!
    You are right when you say you don’t owe anything to me, other fans, the players, the coaches or anyone else you are not indebted too. But some of us real football fans choose to do the right thing, and be there for the team we follow.
    I certainly throw down enough beer before and sometimes after the game, but the day I feel the NEED to go get my “fix” at halftime, is the day I stop drinking completely. Or, I can just start using that “I’m entitled” excuse for the way I live my life.
    I’ve been going to games since I could get in for $8 as a highschool kid, and go sit on the 40 yard like, because there was always seats available. Autzen has evolved into a wonderful game day experience, but it could still use a few more fans in the 3rd quarter. And yes, the players work hard enough to deserve that. We should give it to them.

  11. DuckPoop

    Gotta admit, the power of Autzen is significantly reduced when the gomers go out for a beer or five and can’t get back in time.

    I left at the half and was back 5 minutes before the start of the third quarter, had 3 beers and a dog. I’m no genius either so it figures that the boners who can’t get back aren’t really there for the game…they’re there to party (which is fine…and proves that it takes a grade-A a**hole to pay the price of admission and parking when drinking beer in their trailer court is free).

    BTW…I thought the Cal fans were some quality folks and their team plays some great football. While I hope they drop 2 games while the Ducks win out, I still like their players (no comment on JT, good coach or not).

  12. RJBob


    Do yourself and the real fans a favor. If your priority is drinking beer, run to Albertsons, buy a case of PBR, then stay home and get s*itfaced in front of the TV. Give your tickets to a Duck fan.

  13. kramer

    okay, so i admit, i probably should be back in the stadium come kick off, but the UO let’s me out, then the good times get rollin’ and i lose track of time. Treston, you must be speedy, cause i have a hard time getting back in my seat for the 3rd. Maybe i just can’t hear the horn, i dunno.

    don’t they lets fans out of the stadium at reser or up at UW or Pullman? It’s not like we’re the only ones, for crying out loud!

  14. QuackKills

    We have lost games because of momentum shift at the start of the third. Against USC two years ago we headed to the locker room with a lead and by the time most returned to their seats in the third the game was over. Not saying we would have edged USC in that game, but those quick scores in a silent stadium sure didn’t help the cause.

  15. MisterO

    Kramer, I appreciate your honesty and self-reflection and agree with you that you are not alone. It has haunted me ever since that USC game a couple of years ago how people leave early and come back late…but it is not you alone Kramer. It is HALF OF THE STADIUM! I am like the others here and stay thoughout the half or make it back on time. I’ve only left once during a half-time in over 15 years…but I’m not going to tell you to hand over your tix or anything when 25,000 other people are doing the same type of behavior. I am however going to ask you to stop leaving to drink and stay to cheer. One person at a time is the only way to change things until the UO implements a penalty system for leaving such as: you leave, you don’t return. To all of you who do stay, thanks, and keep on modeling what we should be doing to help our team. Hopefully Texas won’t sue me for saying this, but we really are the 12th man for our guys. Go Ducks!

  16. sunriver-duck

    Yeah, what’s the point of a stadium if not to give our team a home-field advantage? Otherwise, we could all just stay home at watch it on the tube.

  17. Treston

    Well as everyone who leaves points out, it’s their right. It just doesn’t make it right. I just like the entire game day atmosphere, and after a run to the men’s room, and the snack bar to get a pepsi, I’m back in my seat to see Bobby Moore get honred, or whatever else is happening at half time. No speed is not an issue! πŸ˜‰

  18. cornhusker

    ducks are way too worried about being considered “elite” in every way.

    Just win some big games. Win them consistently, that will take care of the elite factor all by itself.

    You can’t ask for respect, you have to earn it. You can’t buy it, no matter how much money your alumni have to fund every wish.

    Simply win.

  19. Maybe its an Oregonian thing. Or a throwback to the bad old days in the 70’s and 80’s when games were over at halftime. All I know is that this happens at Reser Stadium too and annoys the heck out of me (As a Beaver fan).

  20. Jason – was on campus yesterday for the game and noticed the exact same thing. It very well might be something that Beavers and Ducks have in common.


  21. Jedd

    That is insane. It is so hard and expensive to get a ticket these days. I wish I had the money to blow on a parking lot trip…I could get there for free but what I would give to sit in the stadium….

  22. Jake Taylor

    The lack of people in their seats at the start of the second half is the most tired topic there is.

    You are probably the same trolls who enjoy the 5 hour sports talk radio conversation of Pete Rose and the Hall of Fame.


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