Why Can’t Beaver Nation Fill Reser?


James Day of the StatesmanJournal asks a good question, “Why can’t the Beavers sell out in their spiffy new digs?”


Beaver Nation, why can’t we fill Reser after raising Reser? Is Beaver Nation smaller than we think it is? Is it because of the team’s record?

What do you think?




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15 responses to “Why Can’t Beaver Nation Fill Reser?

  1. doyle

    Beaver nation does not exist. Any fan base that needs to add “nation” at the end of its name is reaching for something. pathetic.

  2. Huey

    Beaver Nation can’t fill Reser because they are terrible! OSU tried to keep up with the Joneses and the fans couldn’t keep up with the donors. Now, the team is letting the fans down. It’s as simple as that. They start fast, but don’t last. Sound familiar, Beavers?

  3. Guy with a clue

    Yea… it sounds like the Ducks and their trademark late season fade.

    The real problem in my mind is the high ticket prices. Games are way too expensive. Why not find the price point that gets the stadium FILLED, that way the concessions will sell more, there will be more excitement and more crowd noise and more wins. And then once it’s full, bump up the prices until you are getting max dollar per ticket but still have the stadium full.

    Whoever is in charge failed their economics classes.

  4. BP

    Hey Huey…if you say the Beavers are terrible, we should define what a terrible team is.

    I’ll throw out a hypothetical season and you let me know how you would define it. Let just say that a team starts out 4-0. Then, they lose 6 out of their last 9, including a loss in the Civil War and to BYU in a bowl game.

    I would define that as pretty bad…maybe not terrible, but definitely below average.

    Now compare that to a Beaver team that started out slow, but finished 10-4 and beat a good team in the Sun Bowl.

    Let’s see how the season plays out. I think it’s a little early to call the Beavs terrible.

  5. I think their per game charges are pretty reasonable, except for the UCLA game maybe. They have all kinds of specials early in the season to get people in the door. And you don’t lower the club seat prices just to fill them because in a few years with continued success, you fill those seats and make much more money. People don’t like it when prices jump more than a few percent a year.

    Bob DeCarolis built the stadium to last for the long haul (10-40 years from now). If we have another 2001 type season, it will be filled up pretty fast. We’re just at a plataeu with our fan base. It sucks, but its the reality of being only 8-9 years away from a 27 year losing streak. We lost a generation of fans. If we keep up this success then we’ll slowly fill the stadium over time. Or we get another 10-11 win season and make a major jump. I’m guessing this year was a record year for season ticket holders.

    Oh, and I think the Beavs M.O. is start slow, finish fast. It’s the Ducks who start fast and crash and burn (remember 6-0 to 6-6 and the Seattle Bowl?). Plus, the Beavs represent in bowl games every year. The Ducks, well…don’t.

  6. Brad

    Huey, if you are going to say that the Beavers are terrible this season…we need to clearly define what a terrible season is.

    I’ll throw out a hypothetical season and you let me know how you would classify it. Let’s just say that a team starts out 4-0 (At this point, the “faithful” start talking about a possible national championship…and it’s still September!) But….then they proceed to lose 6 out of their last 9 games, including a loss in the Civil War and to BYU in a bowl game ( Now the “faithful” are talking about finding a coach that knows how to finish a season). Just a hypothetical!

    I don’t know if I would consider that a terrible team, maybe just below average…mediocre at best. At least it gives us something to measure.

    Now, lets compare that to a Beaver team that starts out slow, but finished 10-4 and beats a good team in the Sun Bowl. That’s not bad.

    Let’s see how the season plays out, realizing that, at this point, both teams are in almost the exact same spot that they were last year at this time.

  7. Caladin

    There is one easy explanation of why it is still hard to get fans to the game. The athletic department lost the understanding of the word entertainment when Barnhart left. I used to show up 2 hours before the game and be able to find plenty to keep myself occupied and entertained up until game time. Now I dread showing up 2 hours ahead of time just to find a parking space knowing I will be totally bored until the game starts. Now everything that could provide some sort of entertainment costs a LOT of extra money. That is money I just don’t have to spend after the price of the tickets have gone up 200%. A family of four is looking at $200+ to attend one game after parking and snacks. You can only squeeze so much blood from a turnip.

    Truax center – Now closed unless you pony up extra green.
    Alumni center – Gotta belong to the club which also costs extra – just because you actually graduated doesn’t matter
    Entertainment outside the stadium that is not just for kids – nope that has now moved inside the club and forget about affording that
    Tailgating – great for many fans but not the first choice for the majority that it takes to fill a 46K stadium

    Make the whole game experience fun again for the average fan and they will come flocking to your door. Keep charging extra for the little things and they will keep staying away and some of the ones coming now will stop coming.

    I implore Bob the Builder to think of himself more as Bob the Entertainer.

  8. Dave

    If OSU wants me to show up more often, they will need to get more quality opponents in the Pre Season. One of the things that really gets fans excited early in the year (so they buy season tickets) are big name opponents. If you want an example look a little to the South.

    Of course you need to be competative, but OS always plays their Pre Season big name teams on the road (LSU, Louisville, ….etc) so in years like this one where their are few big draws coming to Reser (USC, Oregon, Cal) why buy an overpriced season ticket. And yes it is overpriced, look around to other Pac-10 Schools and it will be very apparent.

    I am not saying that the Ath. Dept. is failing, I thing they are playing the hand they were dealt and improving, but 1 Wac Team and a Div II program at home doesn’t get me excited to buy a season ticket.

    I am sure Bob DeCarolis knows he needs better Home and Home Opponents, I just don’t think he can lay out the cash to get it done, until the B-Ball situation improves.

  9. Here’s a summary of the discussion so far as to why the Reser is not selling out:

    – Quality of the team

    – High ticket prices

    – Generation lost, will fill up the stadium over the long haul

    – Game day not entertaining enough

    – Current forms of entertainment too expensive

    – Better pre-season opponents

    A few more questions to consider:

    Could there be anything else going on here?

    Is Corvallis too small?

    Have this season’s kickoff times been too irregular?

    Is football just not important enough in the State of Oregon?

    Is it a little bit of everything?

  10. Dambuilders

    First off, I agree with previous posters, the entertainment value is lacking. What used to be an ‘experience’ is now just something to do before you enter the gates. Bobby D needs to work on the ‘fun’ aspect of pregame. For family’s, etc, that’s a huge deal.

    Secondly, the older Beaver fans just need to die off. There was a period in Eugene where their fan base was dominated by the gray hairs, much like Reser is today, and Autzen wasn’t the advantage it once was. In order to help build the tradition, Reser needs younger fans who will help make Reser an intimidating place. Currently the only thing intimidating about our crowd is being hit over the head with a cane or a walker. This older crowd is only vocal with negative tones, and is far less likely to get fired up when our team plays lesser talent.

    Younger fans, more entertainment, equals butts in the seats. Until that is done, Reser will continue to be the graveyard of the old bones known as Beaver fans.

    So really the question is, would you rather have Reser packed with fans who don’t care, or have it half full with screaming, excited fans who actually give a crap?

  11. Dave

    I agree with Dambuilder to a point, the stadium is filled with grey hairs, the reality is that they have more money than the younger population and generally live closer/work less than the younger crowd. I don’t know if you have noticed but much of Corvallis is quite old, -once you get past the current students, so I wouldn’t expect a huge change.

    I live in Portland, I like the Beavs, but am unwilling to shell out a decent amount of $ for tickets, plus travel down just to watch them play Utah or Zona. Maybe my mind changes if they hadn’t kicked me in the stomach with the UCLA game. But that is sort of a year to year thing.

    I did have free tickets to Oregon vs Arizona last year and it was pretty empty in the second half.

  12. Suze

    Note: “second half” It was sold out to start the game.

  13. Jen

    I’m curious about where Beaver season ticket holders come from. Obviously from the traffic on I-5, many come from Portland. Where else? Do any come north from Eugene or places farther souther? West from central or eastern Oregon?

  14. Jeremy

    Their all at home crying with the pain of beaver fever. What a joke Osu’s fan support is.

  15. DuckFlamer

    Really, the beavers get about 45,000 in reser now and capacity is what 45,900? the Ucks get 59,000 due to the pocketbook of Phil Knight and his buyout of The Oregonian. If OS adds a second deck onto the south endzone to add 8,000 seats to bring capacity to 53,000 they will seld out if the offer those tickets at $10 each.

    Bottom line UofO sells cheap seats to sell out, but the product on the field is not better if not worse than OSU, take last years Civil War at Autzen there were more beaver fans then duck fans there AND the beavers stuck it to them on their home turf! You tell me what team is better….

    OSU has won 3 of the last 4 civil war games and the last 2!

    Enough said.

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