Show Me Your Duck Wings!

It doesn’t quite have the ring that “Show Me Your Lighting Bolt!” does, but it’s close. Kind of.

And the Eugene/Springfield area might be hearing something like that in the next week or two.

Since late last week, ESPN Radio 1320 “The Score” has been running promos promising to bring a brand new voice to the Willamette Valley’s barren sports talk radio landscape. The spots specifically mention the fact that it is someone new to the KUGN/KSCR family. So, that probably rules out Justin “The Sports Idol” Myers, Jerry Allen, Jay Allen, Mike Jorgensen and Joe Giansante.

(Disclaimer: Contrary to any online rumors you might have read, we here at are not going to be hosting this new show. We’re flattered. But that is not in our plans as of right now.)

Who do you think this new personality is? Ron Bellamy? Bob Welch? Rob Moseley? Reggie Jordan? Danny O’Neil?

Who would you like to hear on the radio?




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3 responses to “Show Me Your Duck Wings!

  1. kevin milliken

    Bob Welch for Prethadent! Guy flat out brings it day in and day out!

  2. kramer

    bummer, i was really looking forward to hearing dsn on the radio. what would that even sound like? headline after headline…short and sweet? just kidding, love what you do on the site. (and based on my productivity here at work since the site became my homepage, so does my boss)

    Seriously though, I’d love to hear Moseley day in and day out. He’s got such great insight on the Ducks and would love to get that over the airwaves.

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