George Schroeder Has Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is something every writer dreads.

Except for The Register-Guard’s George Schroeder.

Earlier this week, OneClickSportsNews and DuckSportsNews speculated as to who might be hosting the new sports talk radio that Cumulus Broadcasting has been promoting on 1320 “The Score” over the course of the last week.

According to this press release to be sent out on Monday, The Register-Guard’s sports columnist George Schroeder will be the host of “The Writer’s Block” to be broadcast in the Eugene/Springfield area on KSCR 1320 and KUGN 590 beginning Monday, October 22nd.


October 15, 2007

For immediate release…

KSCR/KUGN to present NEW Local Sports-Talk Show

(Eugene, Oregon)…Cumulus Broadcasting, owners and operators of KUGN, 590 and KSCR, 1320, announced today the addition of a new Live and Local sports-talk show to start on the two stations on Monday, October 22.

The Writers Block, hosted by respected Register Guard sports columnist George Schroeder will be broadcast LIVE on 1320 “The Score” (KSCR) at 2PM every Monday through Friday afternoon while being streamed live on Register and replayed at 6PM each evening on “Newstalk 590, KUGN-AM. The one hour daily program will focus on local and national sports stories and offer opinion and viewpoint from Schroeder as well as guests and callers. KSCR’s “Sports Idol” Justin Meyers will serve as side-kick and commentator.

Schroeder, serving as the Register Guard’s featured sports columnist for the past 3 months, has experience hosting a radio show from his previous assignment as writer/broadcaster in Oklahoma City.

KSCR/KUGN program director, Jerry Allen, commented: “George has a terrific on-air personality and backs it up with solid sports knowledge and interesting opinions. We’re delighted to have him host this new show”.

“I have enjoyed my previous broadcast involvement and look forward to helping develop this new daily radio show”, commented Schroeder. “I appreciate the support from the Register Guard on this project, and look forward to involving other sports writers into the show”.

For more information, contact Jerry Allen.


George, good luck with “The Writer’s Block”. Here’s hoping you don’t get over it anytime soon.



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2 responses to “George Schroeder Has Writer’s Block

  1. Lee Garber

    I find that I have to listen to your morning writers bloc, like an addiction. I enjoy most of your discussions especially on the Oregon Ducks. I do not like the tangents that you guys go on…like dancing with the stars or American idol…keep up the good work…


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