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A View From Section 9, Row 37

photo3.jpg Here’s a few random thoughts from where I sat at Saturday’s game at Autzen.

The Duck’s absence from Saturday’s game had a greater effect than it seemed. On any “normal” game day, the Duck takes care of Post-Scoring Push-Up duties – but on this day, while the big fuzzy costume sat this one out, the male cheerleaders had to take over.

And this was no easy feat – given the fact that Oregon scored 42 first half points.

Welcome to Pac-10 Post-Scoring Push-ups fellas.

By my count, that’s 147 push ups before half time. It got so bad that one of the female cheerleaders joined the guys. She held her own. But that’s beside the point…

I’m thinking that a couple of the cheer-guys slipped into the locker room to talk to Bellotti and Kelly about toning down the offense in the second half. That, as much as anything, explain why Oregon didn’t score in the third quarter and only posted 10 on the board in the fourth.

I’m looking forward to seeing the Duck back on the field – at least then the Ducks can open up the play book a bit in the second half.

Seriously, could there be anything more boring than a halftime (in the stadium) at Autzen? Nothing against those who participate in the ‘football toss at the cardboard standups’, but really, is that the best we can do?

What if we just did a “guess what number I’ve got behind my back” game? It would be just as entertaining.


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