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Geaux Here For The Best College GameDay Signs

UPDATE: Beginning Monday, October 15, you will be able to find the best GameDay signs on 

After experiencing ESPN’s College GameDay live for the first time before the Oregon-Cal game, I’m now hooked on trying to decipher the best and most creative signs to appear on the broadcast.


This week Chris, Lee, and Kirk were in Baton Rouge, La. for the LSU-Florida game. Overall, the signs were no where near as clever, funny, or creative as the signs at the Oregon-Cal game. But there were some pretty good ones. And even though I was born in Louisiana, I don’t think I caught all of the cultural references and nuances. But I think I got most of them.

So, here we geaux.

“Tebow Wears Jorts.” Don’t know what “Jorts” are? Jean shorts. And you’ve been warned.

“Do you smell corndogs?”. This is a bit of a joke amongst SEC fans that LSU fans smell like corndogs. But don’t ask them about it because they don’t take too kindly to it.

“Lou Holtz is a magician”. Lou Holtz for Prethadent? Now this? He might be. But I think it’s more like “Lou Holtz is a madisthan”.

“Tebow’s Middleton Bathrooms”. Yeah. I’m not really going to go into much explanation on this other than to say that I think it’s comparable to Larry Craig signs. Just a guess.

“Nick Saban – Liar Liar”. Still bitter in Baton Rouge. And East Lansing. And Miami.

“ESPN – Knarfle the Garthok”. Should be “Gnarfle the Garthak”. Kind of an ugly phrase. Literally. Also a reference to the Coneheads. Not very game specific, but I was curious.

“Tony Joiner Stole My Car”. This sign is a kissin’ cousin to “O.J. Stole My Tickets” and “O.J. Stole My Other Sign” signs. But Tony is nowhere near O.J.’s league.

“Mangino’s Front Butt Sez: I’m A Man! I’m 40!”. First, Tommy Boy might say that University of Kansas Head Football Coach Mark Mangino has a bit of a weight problem. Second, “I’m A Man! I’m 40” is referring to Oklahoma State’s Mike Gundy. And could there be a Sally O’Malley reference in there? Possibly.

The Washinton State flag. It’s hard to make out, but that’s it. Duck fans, please Coug that flag this weekend. It’s got to stop. And now as good a time as any.

Were there other good signs? There were some that were OK. But not a lot. Lot’s of “Tebow This” and “Geaux” or “Bleaux” that. Overall, the numbers and quality did not match GameDay at Autzen Stadium. Sorry, Tigers.

Make sure and visit throughout the week for all your Duck sports news. Bookmark it and keep on checking back to see if Duck fans have made any progress on getting that WSU flag.

Geaux Ducks!




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GameDay is Here

This from a DSN viewer earlier today:

“I just drove by Autzen and saw 4 semi trucks in front of the Autzen footbridge and a big GameDay RV. There were a bunch of people out in the field where the set is to be constructed. It looked like they were looking for shot angles, etc…”


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More Than 2/3 Think It’ll Be the Ducks

This just pulled off of GameDay’s site. 68% of the country thinks that Oregon will pull out the victory.

I saw some whiny posts on a Beaver forum saying that people were voting more than once. It was followed by this point: duckD sarcastically said: “Right. ‘Cause there are WAY more people in Oregon than California.”



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Legit Big-Boy Football

Mike Bellotti on with Colin Cowherd earlier today. Listen here. 

Visit for headlines such as:

  • Chris, Lee & Kirk: Here’s Eugene ForYou
  • Cal’s Kick-Coverage Ranks 98th; Ducks 8th in Kick Returns
  • Oregon’s Depth at Receiver Will be Tested

With over 25 new headlines each day, covering over 225 sources, Duck Sports News has you covered.

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ESPN “O” College Football

In case you missed it, here is what ESPN U’s College Football front page looked like for most of Monday. Script flipped? No. It’s going according to plan with Dixon and Stewart.

Go to where the Ducks are always on the front page and you’re one click away from the best Duck sports news online.

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As The Sports World Turns…Around Oregon

I have contended for a long time now that Oregon receives a disproportionate amount of national media attention as compared to states of comparable size (#26 South Carolina, #27 Oklahoma, #28 Oregon, #29 Connecticut, #30 Iowa). As far as sports are concerned, my myopic eyes did not have to stray much farther than this afternoon’s edition of ESPN’s SportsCenter for proof.

While working, I occasionally like to have the television on in the background as a passive research device. No sooner had I turned on ESPN’s PTI than Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon were teasing analysis of the fistacuffs between the Duck and Shasta the Cougar and the impending suspension of the Duck (No sooner was I writing this than someone had already posted the clip on YouTube). On any other day, it’s probably a little unwanted attention for the University of Oregon.

But this is not any other day.

So far today (and for the week), the top sports stories have been Greg Oden’s season ending surgery (Portland Trailblazers), Derek Anderson starting at QB for the Cleveland Browns (Oregon State University), and Kellen Clemens starting at QB for the New York Jets (University of Oregon). Toss in the Duck’s one-game suspension and the continuing aftermath of the Michigan game, and that’s Oregon overload.

It’s very possible that I have tunnel vision. But for today, there are 104 channels and nothing is on…except Oregon.


UPDATE: As Joe illustrates so eloquently in his comments below, my point might be misunderstood. The fact that Oregon gets this much national attention is not a bad thing. Actually, it’s kind of cool. And it signals that something special is going on in Oregon sports. So, enjoy it. While Oregon gets a lot of attention on a regular basis, this is a particularly attentive time.



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Ducks & Beavers on the Herbie Awards List

Kirk Herbstreit just came out with this “Herbie Awards” list this morning. The Ducks & Beavers are listed a few times, some good, some bad:

“Best Running Backs – The Veterans”
1. Darren McFadden, Arkansas
2. Steve Slaton, West Virginia
3. Ray Rice, Rutgers
4. Mike Hart, Michigan
5. Jonathan Stewart, Oregon
6. James Davis, Clemson

“Players Who Don’t Get Enough Respect”
Dorian Smith, DE, Oregon State

“Teams: Headin’ On Down”

“Conference Sleeper”
Oregon State

“Best Student Sections”
4. Oregon — I’m simply going on my memories from my last trip to Autzen in 2001 — wow, has it been that long? I think its time for “GameDay” to return to Eugene. Six Pac-10 champions and a major stadium renovation have come and gone since our last visit. But when we were there, it rocked.

“I think its time for “GameDay” to return to Eugene.”

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