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A Message From

Update – October 10, 2007: Spc. Jourdan B. Smith and his wife, Erin, will be guests of the Aliotti family for the Oregon-USC game.  The Register-Guard’s George Schroeder writes about the outpouring of support and ticket offers from Duck fans in today’s paper.  “A Flag For Unnecessary Kindness”.

First of all, we would like to thank you for visiting or OneClickSportsBlog. Your visits have made our sites two of the most visited sites on the internet for news about University of Oregon athletics.

Second, when we started this enterprise, our goal was to help Duck fans find the best news about U of O sports in one place, with “One Click”. We could have automated everything, as some sites do. We could have had our computers do all the work. But we did not want to do that. We wanted all of our links to be hand-picked, because there are some stories, some perspectives that we knew would be missed. Are they stories specifically about Oregon sports? No. But they are stories any Duck fan would want to read.

And The Register-Guard’s George Schroeder presents us with another one of those stories today.

If you have not read “Lost flag was more than just a symbol”, it’s a must-read. Not only is it a great story, but it’s a must-read if the rest of this is to make any sense to you.

After reading Mr. Schroeder’s column, all I kept thinking was, “How could I show my appreciation to Spc. Jourdan B. Smith for his service?”. A “Thank You” to him, or anyone serving in the military, is a start.

But I think Duck fans can do better than that.

And I know visitors can do better than that.

We need to get Spc. Jourdan B. Smith his wife, Erin, tickets to the USC game. And I’m not talking just any tickets to the game. Duck fans pride themselves on having the best. The best facilities. The best stadium. The best fans. So, let’s start at the top.

Considering Spc. Jourdan B. Smith’s injuries in the service of our country, let’s get him and his wife tickets with Club Level access on the south side of Autzen Stadium. If you have never been up to the Club Level, the easiest way up there is either on the escalator or the elevator, which I’m sure Spc. Smith would appreciate. Would he accept other tickets to the USC game? No doubt. But let’s start big.

Am I challenging visitors to You bet. But we’re also challenging ourselves because we’re not going to ask anything of our visitors we would not ask of ourselves. It would just be nice to have a Plan B if our efforts fail.

If you have two tickets available to the USC game, please contact us through and we will make sure and forward it to the appropriate source. If you don’t, but know someone who might, copy and paste this link to them in an email.

Even though the USC game is still a few weeks away, I know we can secure Jourdan and Erin Smith a couple of tickets within the week.

Thank you for visiting And thank you, Jourdan.

One Click Sports News



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Autzen Not Among Elite Stadiums

Autzen is loud, and respected by many around the country. Just check out what those around the country say. Even Cal fans at Saturday’s game were impressed:

“Autzen was pretty loud. The fans seem very knowledgeable in comparison to other fans I have encountered (this was my second trip and have felt the same way both times.)”


However, until most of the fans are back in their seats at the beginning on the 3rd quarter, I don’t care how loud or “in your face” Autzen is, it will not live up to its potential.

This quote by this Cal blogger who was at the game says it all:

“But…when Cal took momentum at the start of the second half, at least a third and likely close to a half of the Oregon fans were in the parking lot drinking. They leave at the half, and don’t return to their seats in time for the start of the third quarter. This was downright shocking to me – Cal took control of the game and they cared more about getting a beer! In my mind, there is no way they can be considered the best fans in the Pac-10, or honestly even be in the discussion, until they stop doing this.”

We all know that the play of the game happened with less than :20 seconds remaining in the game, but I would suggest that the 2 three-and-outs the Ducks had coming out of halftime were just as big in determining the outcome of this game. Had Oregon gone down and put seven on the board (or even 14) giving them the 14-point lead (or 21-point lead), it would have put Cal in a very difficult position.

As the players emerged from the tunnel for the second half, I’m sure they couldn’t help but notice that nearly 50% of the fans were not in their seats, but rather in the parking lot. The “Autzen Energy” was not there, and I think it showed in the way Oregon came out and played those first 2 series of the second half.

So what do YOU think? Agree or disagree?

– rw

UPDATE: Autzen may be noisier, but Cal’s Memorial Stadium deemed “scarier”


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After the Dust Settles

A Tough Loss. That’s about all I can say about that one. Almost the opposite of “The Pick” – one moment we think we’re back in the game, the very next we’re not.

I have to agree with the thoughts of Nick who says the Ducks still have the opportunity to do something special:

I looked through the schedules of those teams (ranked higher than the Ducks) and it’s brutal. Nine of those teams still have to play at least one opponent from that list. My point? If Oregon still wants to do something special, they can. The rankings are like a row of dominoes and they’re going to start falling. In three weeks, when USC comes to town, Oregon most likely will be ranked in the top 10.

Cal Got Away With One. And I think their fans know that. Not that they were lucky – they are a really good team who, on this day made less mistakes – but that Oregon is a solid team. Here are a few thoughts from Cal fans found on various blogs and forums:

I like Oregon, and find them to be one of the least objectionable conference foes we face. And the games against them are usually very good. I don’t think Oregon will collapse this year.

Props to Oregon: They were a solid team that never gave up even after the mistakes in the fourth quarter should have driven a stake through their heart. Not only did they not lay down, they put themselves in a position to force overtime and take the game.

This could be the toughest team Cal faces this year – including USC. We had one play go our way by mere inches and that was the break that won the game. We certainly didn’t forcibly take the game from Oregon. They had chances to beat us even with their mistakes. We have to count ourselves lucky to get out with a win.

The Ducks would also be better if they never huddled. Our defense had a lot of trouble with that.
The touchback saved us, because I don’t see how Cal would have won in overtime, given the quarterback situation and the momentum.

Dixon made a couple of critical errors late, but he is a lot better.

Oregon would be a lot better if they just eliminated all the backfield trickery. It almost always backfired. oregon was impressive and i honestly thought they should have won this one. our d looked sloppy towards the end and had it not been for that bit of luck that would have been a td and if they went for 2 they probably would have got it given how much we were choking for air. i don’t think oregon should drop much in rankings and i hope the voters agree. they played well and it was a coin toss of a game.

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Ducks, You Need To Read These

Earlier this afternoon, I received this email from a friend. As opposed to endless forwarding, One Click Sports News has decided to post these quotations in the hopes of sparing you endless scrolling and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Keep on checking back with throughout the weekend for quotes from the game that will hopefully live on for long time.


Best Quote About Autzen Ever

“Sitting in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, Oregon’s Autzen Stadium is one of college football’s hidden jewels. Before kickoff, Autzen is as peaceful as the Willamette River, which runs through Eugene just a few minutes from the stadium. After kickoff, the fans – even the alumni – forget who they are, where they come from and what their degree is in. The audience adopts a new collective identity for the next three-and-a-half hours: the 12th, 13th and 14th man. Autzen’s 59,000 strong make the Big House collectively sound like a pathetic whimper. It’s louder than any place I’ve ever been, and that includes “The Swamp” at Florida, “The Shoe” in Columbus and “Death Valley” at Louisiana State. Autzen Stadium is where great teams go to die.” – J. Brady McCullough, The Michigan Daily.

Top 10 Stadium Lists

“I’m back to list the overall top 10 most intimidating stadiums in the nation. … For the overall top 10, it’s back to the basics — the 10 most intimidating stadiums for one game and one game only.

1. Autzen Stadium, Oregon
2. Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, Florida
3. Kyle Field, Texas A&M
4. Tiger Stadium, LSU
5. Doak Campbell Stadium, Florida State
6. Ohio Stadium, Ohio State
7. Lane Stadium, Virginia Tech
8. Jordan-Hare Stadium, Auburn
9. Notre Dame Stadium, Notre Dame
10. Memorial Stadium, Nebraska

Trust me on Autzen. Just go to the place and soak it all in. Before they throw dirt on you, take a trip to Eugene one fall Saturday. … Autzen Stadium is a zoo; there’s no other way to say it. Get inside your own 20 in a tight game, and you can forget about A.) hearing; B.) avoiding false starts and C.) success.” – Matt Hayes, SportingNews.

“Top 10 College Football Stadiums. … 10. Autzen Stadium. … You can have your cookie cutter Midwest stadiums and the beauty and pageantry of Southern traditions. We’ll take the most hostile atmosphere this side of Gainesville any day, anyway.” – MSNBC.

“Top Five most-underrated College football atmospheres: … 5. Autzen Stadium. It’s not so much the atmosphere as the noise. Wow. Just 54,000-plus fans, but the noise rattles all over the place. Night games are similar to LSU’s Tiger Stadium.” – Houston Chronicle.

The Noise

“Per square yard, the loudest stadium in the history of the planet.” Keith Jackson – ABC Sports.

“The Autzen Bounce causes deafness in laboratory rats.” – Dennis Dodd, CBSSportsline.

“Q: What would you say the loudest stadiums are? Corso: I think Autzen Stadium. Per person, the Oregon stadium is the loudest stadium I’ve ever been in. The fact that it’s so low to the ground doesn’t allow the sound to escape.” Lee Corso, ESPN GameDay.

“If you’ve never been to a game at Autzen Stadium do yourself a favor and get there soon. One word for the experience. Loud. Hurt your ears loud. Make them bleed loud. The Big Ten has nothing as loud as Autzen.” –

“Per capita, Autzen is the loudest venue in all of college football.” J. Brady McCollough, The Michigan Daily.

“It’s very tough. The crowd there is unbelievably educated on when to be loud and when to calm down when they have the ball. It’s just a very tough environment with the noise and just trying to communicate.” – Jeff Tedford, Cal HC

“They are very difficult to beat at home. The crowd is, from every report I get, from every coach I’ve spoken with, a real factor. You have to learn to communicate without talking, because talking doesn’t do you any good.” – Lloyd Carr, Michigan HC (before playing at Autzen).

“That’s the loudest stadium I’ve ever been in.” – Lloyd Carr, Michigan HC (after playing at Autzen).

“Crowd noise is almost an unfair advantage. You can’t check plays, you seemingly have less time on the play clock and everything starts to feel really rushed.” – Troy Taylor, Cal QB

“They’re going to be loud from the first snap until the last snap. They are right on top of you and they’re just relentless.” – Barry Alvarez, Wisconsin HC.

“You can hear a pin drop when their offense is on the field, and when our offense is out there, it’s like being in a thunderstorm.” – Thomas DeCloud, Cal Safety.



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Out-of-Towners, Here’s Where The Party’s At

Don’t have a ticket to the Biggest Game Of This Or Any Century?  Don’t live in Eugene?  Don’t live in Oregon? Don’t live in the continental United States of America?  Don’t worry.  The University of Oregon Alumni Association has official and unofficial no-host UOAA Watch Party locations from Magoos to the Caribbean Saloon.

Check throughout the weekend for the latest news and analysis of this weekend’s game against Cal.


* Scottsdale

Duke’s Bar and Grill

7607 E McDowell Rd
Scottsdale, AZ 85257
In the strip mall on the SE Corner of McDowell and Miller
(480) 675-9724
Contact: Leslie Reinhardt ’94 at


* Manhattan Beach

Mr. Pockets Sports Bar

516 N. Sepulveda
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
(310) 372-4343
Contact: Grier Ross ’98 at

Orange County

Center Field

17296 Beach Blvd.
Huntington Beach
Contact: Christine MacDonald ’89 at

Palm Springs/
Palm Desert

The Beerhunter

78483 Highway 111
La Quinta, CA 92253


Barney’s Beanery

99 E Colorado Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91105
(626) 405-9777
Contact: James George ’05 at


McNear’s Saloon and Dining House

23 Petaluma Blvd. North
Petaluma, CA 94952
(707) 765-2121
Owners: Jeff and Nancy Harriman ’67
15% off dining bill during the game.
Prizes for the showing the most Duck Spirit!

* Sacramento

Mark & Monica’s Pizza

4751 Manzanita Ave
Carmichael, CA
Contact Mike Duncan at 916-928-3680

* San Diego

Canes Bar and Grill

3105 Ocean Front Walk
San Diego, CA 92109
Contact Brenda Gerard ’96 at

* San Francisco

“R” Bar

1176 Sutter (at Polk)
San Francisco, CA 94109
(415) 567-7441
Hosted by Alumnus Chris Fogarty ’98

Santa Barbara/
Ventura County

Cronies Sports Grill

2855 Johnson Dr., #0
Ventura, CA 93003
(805) 650-9999
Contact: Ingrid Lantz at

Walnut Creek

Stadium Pub

1420 Lincoln Avenue
Walnut Creek, CA 94596
Corner of Main and Lincoln
(925) 256-7302


* Denver

Jackson’s All-American Sports Grill

1520 20th St.
Denver, CO
(Directly Across from Coors Field)
Phone: (303)298-7625
Contact: Liz Nevins-Glen ’90 at


* Honolulu

Eastside Grill

1035 University Avenue
Honolulu, HI
(808) 389-9094
Contact: Patricia Li ’98 at


* Boise

Busters on Broadway

1326 Broadway Avenue
Boise, ID 83706
(208) 345-5688
Contact: Noelle Diederich ’94 at


* Chicago


2913 N Lincoln Ave
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 528-7032
Contact: Drew Mitchell ’98 at

National Capital (D.C. area)

* Arlington

Summers Restaurant & Sports Bar

1520 N. Court House Rd.
Arlington, VA
Located one block from Courthouse Metro (Orange Line)
Corner of N. Courthouse Rd. & Wilson Blvd.
Contact: Warren Olandria ’94 at

New York

* New York

Time Out

349 Amsterdam Ave.
(between 76th and 77th st.)
New York, NY 10024
Please RSVP to Carly Heims ’06 at
so that we are sure there is enough space!



Louie’s Bar and Grill

41 North Main Street
Ashland, OR 97520

* Bend

Joker’s Bar and Grill

70 NW Newport
Bend, OR 97701
(541) 389-1116
Contact: Erinn Bradford ’00 at


Bay Street Grille

1341 Bay Street
Old Town
Florence, OR 77439
Owner: John Erving ’92

* Lane County

Hilton Eugene

66 East Sixth Avenue
Eugene, OR 97401
Contact: Betty McGill Schmitt ’97 at
• These are for away games only!
• Presented by Liberty Bank


Macadam’s Bar & Grill

5833 SW Macadam Ave.
(corner of Pendleton and Macadam — used to be Mazzi’s)
Contact: Darlene Atiyeh ’73 at
or Tony Seminary ’96 at


The Sky Box

535 SW 6th Street
Redmond, OR 97756
(541) 504-2575
Contact: Erinn Bradford ’00 at



275 Commercial Street SE
Salem, OR 97301
(503) 391-2489
Contact: Jamie Brannon ’03 at



4 Ponderosa Rd.
Sunriver, OR 97707 (541)
Contact: Erinn Bradford ’00 at

Virgin Islands

St. Thomas

Caribbean Saloon

Red Hook
(located in the American Yacht Harbor Complex)
Contacts: Dick Schoonover ’84 at
or Eric Johnson at


* Seattle


140 4th Avenue North Suite 130
Seattle, WA 98109
(206) 404-7767
Contact: James Betzer ’92 at

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Duck Fans, Forget Your TPS Reports Today

“Office Space” was on cable again somewhere last night (When is it not on?). And when “Office Space” is on, I’m done until it’s over. I mean if it’s on television, I have to watch. There are only a handful of films like that for me, and “Office Space” is one of them.

But the version that aired last night must have been the “Special Teams” edition of “Office Space” because it had a distinctly athletic and topical feel to it, sporting some new digitally enhanced scenes. Take a look for yourself.


Is it any surprise that Lumberg is a Cal fan?


Peter traded in his TPS reports for Duck Sports News reports.

If you’ve got a Lumberg in your office checking up on your TPS reports and you’re visiting, make sure and click on the “Boss Button,” and we’ve got you covered.

There’s too much going on today and tomorrow for you to be concerned about your TPS reports. You need to concentrate on being a fan today. Oregon’s got a big game this weekend.

Or didn’t you get the memo?


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GameDay is Here

This from a DSN viewer earlier today:

“I just drove by Autzen and saw 4 semi trucks in front of the Autzen footbridge and a big GameDay RV. There were a bunch of people out in the field where the set is to be constructed. It looked like they were looking for shot angles, etc…”


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