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Viewers Upset With ESPN Over Oregon-Cal Game

You think?

The best matchup of the college football season featuring the #6 & #11 ranked teams comes down to the last play of the game and only 20% of the country is able to watch it?  Yeah, I can understand why ESPN might have received some unfavorable comments regarding the anemic regionalized national coverage of the Oregon-Cal game.


Kansas prairie.  Much more interesting than Oregon vs. Cal.  Thanks, ESPN!

The guys at Deadspin.com have posted another fun-filled ESPN internal memo, “Weekly Viewer Report.”  We’ll save you trouble from scrolling all the way through the report looking for Oregon-related news.  Here are the quick hits about Oregon, parsed for you pleasure:

Viewers outside of the regionalized areas upset Oregon vs. Cal and Clemson vs. Ga Tech games were not televised nationwide

Viewers in the East and Midwest upset Oregon vs. Cal not shown nationally [game was offered in 20% of the country and on ESPN GamePlan] – 129

Viewers’ Voice:
“I live in Colorado; Texas and Kansas State equals BORING. Rest assured your ratings will be weak where CAL/ORG isn’t on (besides home team markets) It should be on nationally.”

The game was on ABC, right?  Yes, but ESPN  is handling the coverage. So, what happened to ABC?  Oh, I don’t know.  Absolutely Bad Coverage?



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Big Green Benefit, Little White Man

A week ago last Friday, my Mom called to tell me that she had a surprise for me. She and a friend were driving back down to Eugene after attending the Big Green Benefit in Portland. So, I knew it had to be something from there. But I had no idea what it could be.

Even though I’m her favorite son (actually, I’m her only son), I wasn’t really holding out hope that it was one of the big ticket auction items. And when I heard her friend cackle in the background, I knew there had to be some catch to my surprise.

Saturday was game day and she wanted to know if I wanted her to bring my surprise to the game.

“Is it small?”


“Is it fragile?”


“Is it something I’m going to want to carry around the game with me?”

“Probably not.”

“Well, I’ll just get it from you tomorrow.”

After church on Sunday, we usually try to go out and have brunch somewhere as a family. Before heading in to the restaurant, she wanted to give me my surprise. And this is what I found standing up on the floor of the passenger seat of my mom’s SUV.

(Not actual size of John Canzano.)


Yes. It’s a John Canzano bobblehead. But that’s not the funny part of this surprise gift.

First of all, who would donate a John Canzano bobblehead as an auction item to the Big Green Benefit? Are you kidding me? It’s JOHN CANZANO. I know these near life-size replicas of Mr. Canzano were given out to the first 1500 fans who attended the Portland Beavers game at PGE Park this past Fourth of July. But John Canzano. An Oregon benefit. Seriously.

And that brings me to my second point: the home plate that he’s standing over has the Portland BEAVERS logo on it. Are you telling me that someone thought it was a good idea to donate a John Canzano/Portland Beavers bobblehead to Oregon’s Big Green Benefit?

Actually, yes. It was a good idea. But only because it ended up in my possession. For a price.

That brings me to the funniest part of this story. On Friday, September 14, 2007, over 300 people attended the Big Green Benefit and raised well in excess of $100,000 (probably closer to $150,000) for the Duck Athletic Fund. And out of those 300 people, only two people silently bid on Lil’ John. And one of them was my mom (Who was the other bidder?). And she won. For $7.

Yes, Lil’ John Canzano cost my mom $7. To put it into perspective, Mr. Canzano’s contribution to the Duck Athletic Fund that night brought exactly 0.007% (of $100,000) of the night’s total.

Was Lil’ Canzano worth it? He will be. And I think you’ll be surprised.


Keep checking back at DuckSportsNews.com and One Click Sports Blog for the further adventures of Lil’ John Canzano.

If you enjoyed this “little” bit on John Canzano, you might like reading this about Canzano’s past, and our future.


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